MSU in the ’90s

Hello, all!  Welcome to our final project!

Our website displays the fashion analysis of four different student organizations on the Midwestern State University campus throughout the 1990s, showing each organization’s unique identity from the beginning of the decade to the end.  For our analysis, we chose two Greek organizations (Alpha Phi Alpha & Chi Omega), a human rights organization (Amnesty International), and our university’s yearbook staff (Wai-Kun).  With each, we analyzed how each organization fit in with the fashion trends of the time, and how they did not.  We found that all of the organizations followed some sort of popular trend, though there were specific trends that never showed up within these four groups.  We also found that fashion choices within each organization reflected the values and purposes of said organizations.  The images shown are from local archives including the university’s yearbooks and the Special Collections at MSU, and our oral histories are from individuals who either worked at or attended MSU during the 1990s.

Midwestern State University (MSU), located in Wichita Falls, is the only Texas member of COPLAC and was established in 1922. This website was designed for the COPLAC course, Fashion and Identity, by MSU students, Ashlee Fandrich and Catherine Stepniak. (For more information about COPLAC, click here.)